Professional Stucco Services

At Alberta Stucco Restoration (ASR) we offer an ideal solution to your stucco problems. Our team of trained experts will assess your existing stucco exterior and repair any problem areas such as cracking, separation from the home’s structure and repair the root cause of any excessive staining. Once all the repairs have been completed and the integrity of your exterior has been restored it is time to recoat.

Our crews only use the most advanced stucco coatings to ensure a consistent and durable finish. By using the best products on the market, ASR can guarantee your new exterior against fading from the sun, ‘blistering’ of the paint causing “delamination“, as well as protection against excessive cracking in the future. Our system renews your stucco exterior often with better than new results while increasing the curb appeal of your home and giving you the ability to pick the colour you’ve always wanted. On top of that, it is possibly the easiest and quickest way to add value to your home.






Stucco & Exterior Renovations

While it may be true that many people are well aware of the fact that a stucco & exterior renovations professional can help when it comes to enhancing the appearance of a property, very few know of the other benefits that are associated with this type of service. Depending on the condition of an individual’s property or particular circumstance, this type of service can prove to be beneficial in several areas and in some cases can allow for a nice return on investment as well.

Stucco Restoration Improves Property Value

While it may be true that no one should judge a book by its cover, the reality of the fact is that as far as shopping for property goes, most potential buyers will shy away from a property that is perceived as being dirty or in need of repairs. Alternatively a property that looks as if it was just created is guaranteed to capture the attention of any potential buyer. As such, it comes as no surprise that property owners that utilize stucco service and exterior renovation professionals get their property sold faster than property owners who don’t

Not only do properties that have had a recent stucco project performed will sell faster than properties that do not. Enhancing the appearance of the property with expert stucco services leads to a higher market value on the home as well.


Benefits of Stucco Restoration

Lower Insurance Premiums

One of the things that very few people know is that many home insurance companies lowers the amount of premiums a property owner has to pay, if the property has an exterior finish that consists of stucco. This is due to the fact that stucco has been shown to be very effective at resisting fires in comparison to alternative materials that are utilized in an exterior wall finish.

Durable Home Exterior

One of the biggest problems that many property owners face when it comes to the exterior portions of a property is the constant maintenance that’s required to ensure that the exterior portions of the property stays on par. Many materials such as siding and wood tend to gradually deteriorate due to the elements. Stucco on the other hand has been proven to last longer than vinyl, wood and even brick. What this means, is that unlike other materials, virtually no maintenance is needed on a property that has had a stucco & exterior renovations service done on it.

Stucco Repair Reduces Energy Bill

Another benefit property owners stand to gain by utilizing a professional stucco service is that in can help to minimize the costs that are associated with keeping the property warm or cool. This is due to the fact that stucco is an excellent insulator which can help to keep the property cool during hot temperatures and warm during cold temperatures. The reason being is that when a property is properly insulated, appliances such as air conditioners and electric/oil heaters have to work less to keep the property at an acceptable temperature.