Calgary Stucco Restoration Services

Our goal at Alberta Stucco Restoration is exactly that, to restore your home’s stucco to its original state. More often than not, the finished product will be better and more reliable than the first day it was completed.  By addressing the existing problems that have occurred over the life of your home’s exterior, we can remedy the concerns using more modern building techniques and years of experience to restore the integrity of the stucco and eliminate future problems.  As your home has aged, the issues that caused such concerns as staining, delamination, cracking and many others are much more obvious to our trained professionals. Our commitment is to fix the root cause of each problem and ensure it won’t happen again.  Recoating of the exterior will only be completed with the industry’s best available products and only after all problems have been remediated.

When people look for a new home, one of the considerations is whether or not their house should have stucco siding. Though stucco homes are frequently more expensive than houses that don’t have stucco siding, many homeowners decide that it is the right decision for them. These homeowners decide to pay the slightly higher price tag because they consider it an investment, and many who sell and look for other homes will continue purchasing the ones that have stucco siding.

Why Is Stucco Restoration A Good Idea?

Stucco is an aesthetic choice for some people, because it is very visually appealing and extremely versatile, which makes it suitable for any color scheme or style. The advantages of stucco homes are numerous. Homes with stucco siding are often more energy efficient because the stucco provides an extra layer of insulation that aids in keeping the inside of the house cold in the summer and warm in the winter. Stucco is known for being fire resistant, which serves as another defense against fires that may start outside the home. It is also known for its ability to withstand a wet climate; homes with stucco siding are far less likely to succumb to rot or mold.

Like any other part of a home, though, stucco deteriorates over time. In order to maintain its pleasing appearance and to serve as excellent insulation and defense against mold, stucco siding needs to be properly maintained and repaired when necessary. It is a remarkably resistant material, as far as siding goes, but when cracks or imperfections begin to appear, repairs need to be made immediately– before the elements can get in and cause further damage to the stucco or to the structure of the home itself.

Some homeowners try to repair stucco on their own, which is a delicate (and labor-intensive) process. There are several ingredients needed in the recipe to make real, high-quality stucco that will dry properly and withstand the elements, and poor mixing or application often leaves people with a mess. For repair of stucco coatings, professional stucco renovators are the most reliable decision. Professionals have the training and the experience necessary to do the job correctly the first time, which saves homeowners the disaster of their own failed renovation attempts, frequently saving them an expensive, messy mistake. Professional stucco companies also have high-quality tools necessary for the job, which will result in stucco siding that is at a much higher level of quality than what can be produced with inexpensive tools found on sale at a hardware store.






Professional Stucco Restoration

Stucco is simply the stylized application of aggregate, typically limestone and sand, and a binding element. Applied wet, it cures or hardens to provide a signature look to any residence. It differs from cement or mortar largely in its application. Mortar and cement are generally sculpted and allowed to cure as a flat surface. This method leaves these building methods highly susceptible to physical blemish. By contrast, stucco is applied to create a seemingly random sequence of small, sharp waves. This technique visually breaks up a surface, making it more aesthetically appealing. It can also be easily applied by a professional to completely mask small or moderate sized blemishes in a home’s façade. Finally, the stucco itself is largely resistant to visible damage, as it presents a complicated pattern unlike the typical application of mortar and cement.

Stucco Restoration Benefits

A home’s climate is a huge concern when considering the choice of building elements for a home’s exterior. Precipitation, humidity, rainfall, and average sunlight can all affect the look and longevity of a building project. Over time, both wood and metal are highly susceptible to accumulated damage from these elements. While more durable, synthetic finishes like vinyl are considered inferior for use in luxury homes and are often prohibited by zoning regulations. Cured aggregate, applied as stylized stucco, accomplished both a weatherproof and high-end look for the exterior of a luxury residence.

Professional Application

As with any home improvement project, it is better to trust the engineering and application of a stucco finish to proven professionals. Due to all the factors mentioned above, it is even more critical that licensed contractors, managed by a home improvement specialist, handle an enhancement of this magnitude and importance. Not only will the renovation be accomplished in a timely fashion under safe working conditions, the work will be guaranteed for a period of time, generally one year, giving the homeowner increased peace of mind after the professional completion of the project.

Not only do properties that have had a recent stucco project completed sell faster than properties that don’t, by enhancing the appearance of that property, this essentially leads to a higher market value as well.