Exterior Stucco Painting & Stucco Coatings

Stucco is made of silica, lime, and cement layered over wood or a metal and is a very strong material. The layers form a shell around the home helping you save money on energy and protecting your home. The stucco application can be difficult to do correctly without experience.

If you are in the market for some stucco siding on the exterior of your home, it’s a good idea to let a professional perform the work. Stucco needs to be planned; one has to know how the colours will look when dried. Alberta Stucco Restoration will help you pick out the best color for your home’s exterior design.

If stucco painting is needed, ASR is your choice due to the fact that in order to look good, the stucco will have to be sandblasted and the new stucco can bond to the stucco that’s already there. Alberta Stucco Restoration offers great value in all services performed and that your stucco will be done efficiently and will look phenomenal. Our trained experts know exactly how to use stucco to get the perfect look for your home.






Professional Stucco Painting

Hiring someone to do your home’s exterior work will save you money. Purchasing products at a volume discount and the experience of knowing how to apply and care for the product takes time and money to ensure a quality result. If you have a larger house it can be dangerous to try and install/apply the stucco yourself, getting up on high ladders is a cause for concern for most homeowners. Our staff is fully trained in safety precautions that need to be taken when working on the home.

We also save you the time you would have spent doing the project yourself. Any time saved for a homeowner and their busy schedule can be worth so much more than money, and ASR is committed to providing a quality service in an efficient time. Be sure to call the Calgary stucco experts at Alberta Stucco Restoration today!

Stucco Painting Guide

Choose A Flat Paint

The type of paint used during the process of stucco painting is very crucial. High-gloss paint should not be used when painting stucco. Stucco & exterior renovations professionals offer a complete selection of exterior acrylic masonry paints that include low-sheen and flat paints, which guarantee to breathe new life to any stucco home.

Prepare The Surface

To start with, all dirt, loose coating, and mildew should be removed. This can best be achieved using a high-quality pressure wash, complete with a concentrated cleaner specifically designed for exterior use. Cracks are then sealed using Elastomeric caulk. Textured caulks works best for stucco walls. For best results, however, the walls should first be painted with primer prior to the actual painting. The addition of an acrylic primer generally improves overall results. The primer must dry completely, though, before Stucco painting can be done on the surface.

Stucco Painting

The best time to paint is on a day with modest humidity, with daytime temperatures between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius. It is customary to start by painting the perimeter of the entire wall plus around any trim, doors, and windows with a brush. The brush is worked into the grains of the stucco so as to ensure a uniform finish. The wall is then finished off with a roller in sections. The sections are blended together by overlaying the paint slightly while shifting from one section to another.

Stucco Painting Benefits


With Stucco painting, a homeowner can blend pigments to create a wide range of colours that they like. Stucco can easily be embellished to resemble more costly building materials, for example stucco has been overblown to look like granite or marble. Depending on how it is applied, it can give diverse texture and look. When stucco is thrown against the wall using a broom or brush, an apparently splattering finish is obtained.

Low Cost

Stucco is composed of 3 readily available ingredients: sand, lime and cement, implying that it is extremely affordable. This cost is lowered even further when a homeowner performs Stucco painting himself. The best way of obtaining a precise cost estimate, however, is to request for it from stucco & exterior renovations professional. They will also inform the homeowner of any particularities likely to determine the suitability of Stucco for their homes.

Alberta Stucco Restoration, being a company operating in Calgary, AB, is dedicated to pleasing all clients within this service area. It is customer-focused and hence responsible as far as fulfilling the Stucco painting expectations of its clients is concerned.