Stucco Design

Stucco design is at it’s height of popularity right now and a couple of the main reasons is that you can utilize it in many ways, plus it very cost effective. Homeowners who label themselves the creative types can even add their own colors to the stucco design, plus they can form various patterns and textures along with shaving the stucco down to a paper thin appearance. Stucco is simply made up of similar plaster which most people have inside of their homes, made of lime and sand.


Another great reason to love stucco is that it is extremely low-maintenance. When you compare it to other styles of tile, stucco never needs to be re-installed or re-touched up with paint. Because of this, you have the fantastic option of saving a lot of cash because you won’t have to worry about home improvement fees.

Enhanced for the Market

Because the popularity is so high for stucco right now, the classic style that it brings to the finish creates a more lucrative resale price if you were planning on reselling. The profits from a sale will be considerably higher than the amount you had actually paid for the stucco.


The material of stucco will endure just about anything that the outdoor elements throw at them. Vinyl and wood will be outlasted by stucco and surprisingly it has also been proven to be surprisingly more durable than brick itself. Those particular climates in some places which are really harsh utilize stucco because it has a natural defense against snow, rain and blustery winds.

Stands Up Against Fire

Not only is stucco highly durable but it is also very fire resistant. There are countless insurance companies who will actually provide you with a discount on premiums because the liability rate is lowered with stucco because of it’s capacity to lower fire chances. The homeowner will have the ability to save up towards several hundred dollars if they use stucco on their homes.

Very Versatile

Stucco is open to many alterations for homeowners to have fun with. Pigments can be mixed to enable a variable of unique colors. You can even paint stucco to where it will appear like granite or marble. Different textures, one in particular is called “splatterdash” it is made with imprints which have been made with a broom to give it a spotty, distressed look. There are many different options in stucco design that you can use if you want to.