Repairing Stucco

4 Key Advantages Of Hiring A Professional To Repair Stucco In Homes In Calgary, AB

Stucco is a very popular style in homes because of its relative low-cost compared to other siding materials. It also offers great versatility and comes in a wide range of colours. However, continuous exposure to weather elements and normal wear & tear can cause it to degrade and even crack. Ignoring cracked surfaces can be dangerous, as water will seep toward the walls, in turn causing damage. So, it’s important to have the necessary done as early as possible. Here are top advantages of hiring a professional to repair stucco over DIY.


Skilled & Experienced


A contractor is trained in mixing & applying stucco and, as such, is better placed at doing the job right. They don’t need to use trial and error to determine what works. They are able to mix the material with ease to match the existing one on the home so that there’s an even look. The repaired areas won’t look awkward. Professionals also bring vast experience to the project. Since this is their field of concentration, they will have overseen other repair projects in the past and can use the experience gained to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.


Quality Products


One major advantage of hiring a professional to repair stucco is that homeowner can enjoy the benefits of high quality materials. Well, one can access most of the materials from a local store but chances are that they won’t be sufficient for long term, quality work. Professionals not only know the best products but they also know where to get them at fair rates.




Leaving the job to a contractor can help a homeowner save money, as the stucco is likely to last longer. This is thanks to the skills & experience they have as well as the use of high quality products. The new stucco will be mixed to the correct consistency and then applied with precision to ensure it stays put and dries correctly. That way, it will be more weather-resistant and a homeowner will not have to worry about having to spend money on repair any time soon.


Ensure Color Match


In general, matching stucco colours can be quite challenging especially if the material on the house has continuously received sun & wind exposure over a prolonged time period, something that contributes to fading. This, however, is an easy task for the professionals. They are able to select the appropriate colour from the wide selection available and therefore ensure the patched areas match with the old material.

Hiring a professional to repair stucco may seem unnecessary, but the advantages of doing so are many. Homeowners will have a quality job done and can get professional advice on among others how to maintain their stucco.