Stucco Painting & Restoration

Restoring The Colour On A Stucco Exterior

Stucco is a great choice for the exterior of homes and other structures. Made from a mixture of cement, lime and silica stucco is applied in several layers over wood or metal lath. Those layers laid one over the other do a great job of insulating against cold, heat and noise. Stucco is also fire resistant, so the structure is more protected than a structure with other types of siding.

Another benefit to stucco is that pigment can be blended into the mixture to create the perfect desired color. The colored layer of stucco is the last layer that is applied. So, the desired color is incorporated into the final layer and thus there is no painted surface to chip or peel. Because the pigment is mixed into the stucco there is no paint barrier created and the stucco is able to breath and being able to breath is critical to the life of the stucco and the well being of the structure.

Stucco is very durable and should last for decades. However, at some point the stucco will need to be freshened up to keep the structure looking its best and performing well. At this point, it is important to remember the just painting the stucco is not a good choice. Remember the stucco has to breath. To restore the stucco exterior, the first step is to gently power wash the surface. The next step involves applying a very thin coat of a mixture of Portland cement, water and pigment. Portland cement is concrete, lime, and water. There is no sand in the mixture.

Now, for some creativity, one might consider changing the color of the new stucco to be applied. Perhaps changing the color of the stucco will update the appearance and even value of the structure. The original color that was chosen may be dated and not currently popular. Perhaps a new color will fit in better with the surrounding neighborhood. It is easy enough to add pigment to the concrete mixture and create whatever new and fresh color is appealing. This could also be the time to create a different texture to the walls to create a newer and more modern feel to the look of the structure.

All that being said, the most important recommendation in regards to updating or restoring stucco is to hire a professional. Applying a new layer of stucco to a structure is not a DIY project. A professional will discuss what color and texture options are possible, but once that is decided, let the professional do the work for a truly beautiful and durable finish to be achieved.