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Q: Why should I use a stucco Alberta Stucco Restoration for a stucco contractor?

A: Recoating your stucco without proper knowledge and using inferior product could in fact end up costing you much more money in the future. This is your chance to get it done right the first time with long lasting results.


Q: What makes Alberta Stucco Restoration better than other stucco contractors?

A: Many companies offering similar services actually have no experience in the stucco industry. Would you hire an experienced electrician to fix your leaky pipes?


Q: Why should I do a stucco restoration instead of just stucco painting?

A: Painting over stucco problems that have not been addressed can actually cause more problems, usually after the contractors warranty has expired.


Q: Why does stucco need restoration?

A:  The main factor in stucco deterioration is water. Keeping the majority of water on the surface will help to extend the life of your stucco. It’s as simple as that.


Q: Different stucco products cost different amounts, why is that?

A: Using inferior product that do not offer release of water vapours may end up in ‘blisters’ appearing and lose adhesion causing failure subsequently leading to much more costly repairs down the road.


Q: What colours does Alberta Stucco Repair offer?

A: Our elastomeric coating can be matched to any colour you choose. It also resists fading caused by high exposure to sunlight.


Q: What is the difference between elastomeric and non-elastomeric exteriors?

A: Non-elastomeric coatings will crack with the movement of your home. Cracks can cause water infiltration and lead to building envelope failures which could compromise your buildings integrity.


Q: Can I change the colour of my stucco?

A: Updating the color of your home is one of the easiest renovations you can complete. We complete your home quickly and you can carry on with your busy life with little distraction or inconvenience.


Q: Are there any benefits to changing my stucco colour?

A: You can have the colour you always wanted and easily update to a new modern looking home- at the same time adding great curb appeal and increased value to your home.


Q: Who will be working on my home and  my stucco?

A: All of our crews have an experienced stucco professional whose main job is to identify, address and repair your stucco problems before any coating ever takes place.


Q: What products will be used on my homes exterior?

A: We use the highest quality stucco coating on the market to add a durable, beautifully consistent colour to your home’s exterior – protecting and updating the homes appearance for years to come often with better than new results.