Exterior Stucco Renovations

Exterior Stucco – A Smart Choice For Your Home

What is Stucco?

Stucco actually is cement plaster applied over walls on the interior and exterior of the house. It is produced out of lime, sand and cement and the surface obtained requires little maintenance in time and low costs. This plaster may be applied either using a machine or manually and it is commonly used for siding or covering surfaces such as concrete, clay blocks, bricks, wood or steel surfaces. Also, the most common and well-known processes through which stucco may be applied are the one coat system and the three coat system.

Even though it is said that painting or repainting exterior stucco can be difficult, the results of this work will last for many years and will surely enhance the value of the home.

Stucco and Its Benefits

Because these layers of stucco form a concrete coat for the house, this will require less energy consumption both in summer and winter. Stucco can also cut down on sound transmission, which is a valuable benefit that can help those who live in noisy or crowded areas, or areas with many neighbours. Regardless of the financial costs implied, it is important to know that this kind of cement plaster is very resistant to fire, rot, mold, or mildew and it is easy to maintain. Despite the fact that it may seem an important investment in the present, the benefits will become clearer with its longevity and durability.

Moreover, exterior stucco is versatile and a wide range of colors may easily be obtained. Also, its texture allows users to create a different effect and appearance, even that of other material, such as wood.

Should People Apply Stucco Alone?

Although it is time-consuming, the process of applying stucco may seem easy at first sight. One can find large amounts of information about how to obtain stucco and how to apply it and even information about stucco mixes, colors, and tools in order to get the job done. But the steps that ought to be followed to succeed are actually quite delicate. The surfaces of the house should be prepared and thoroughly inspected for imperfection, especially when repainting an existing house. Then, all of these imperfections should be fixed and sealed. So, the incorrect application may cause serious problems, such as separating, bulging or rotting.

Therefore, an exterior stucco professional is a safer and smarter choice, in order to ensure that the plaster is correctly used and according to the set standards. Also, a professional is a wiser option because a correct application can last for up to 50 years and it may be a one-time investment for a person, rather than having problems and having to repeat the entire procedure later.