Acrylic Stucco Services

Benefits Of Using Acrylic Stucco & Exterior Renovations Professional In Calgary, Alberta

Acrylic stucco is also referred to as synthetic stucco or elastomeric stucco finish. It has various other names, depending on the manufacturer. It is made from acrylic resins or polymers. The resins resemble thin Elmer’s glue. Elastomeric stucco resembles paint, though an extremely high-quality one. It has sand in it, which allows for more definition in its finish.

The stucco comes in 5-gallon buckets. They are wet mixes that are usually white when they are yet to be mixed. One can ask the manufacturer to pre-mix it. Synthetic stucco costs around $40-50 per bucket, and one bucket can cover between 100 and 250 square feet. This is however highly dependent on the texture that one goes for.

Acrylic stucco allows for a variety of textures. Some manufacturers also have specialty textures, which use different sized aggregates to achieve some custom finishes. Synthetic stucco has a very rich and vibrant colour. The colour is also very consistent, thus will not vary from bucket to bucket. There are a variety of colours to choose from and they come in small bottles or containers.

The application process begins with a primer coat, where paint is applied to the walls to seal them. This helps prolong the working time of the material. The material is then troweled on or sprayed on. There are additional techniques are used to achieve different textures and finishes. The material repels water and is suitable for one coat, 3 coat, as well as EIFS stucco applications.

Benefits of Acrylic Stucco:

  • The colours are bright and vibrant, and do not vary from bucket to bucket
  • The finish can be painted if one needs to change the color in the future
  • It is resistant to hairline cracks as it is highly elastic and can stretch
  • It can be mixed using a drill with a paddle mixing attachment

Benefits of using stucco & exterior renovations professional in Calgary, AB:

  • Faster selling of property, as a professional will make the building look presentable and new
  • Higher market value for property as the appearance will be greatly improved
  • Lower premiums- many insurance companies will lower the premiums a property owner will pay, if it has a stucco finish. This is because stucco is fire resistant in comparison with other materials used in finishes
  • Durability – stucco requires minimal maintenance, when compared to siding, wood, brick, and vinyl
  • Lower energy bills – Stucco minimizes the costs used to keep the property cool or warm as it is an excellent insulator. It helps to keep property cool during hot temperatures and warm during cold temperatures. Air conditioners and electric heaters will be used less, ultimately lowering energy costs.