Alberta Stucco Restoration

Alberta Stucco Restoration (ASR) is a division of Out-West Stucco Ltd., a company that has been providing stucco solutions for some of Calgary’s best home builders, renovators, and contractors for more than a decade. All of our crews are staffed with the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the business. With considerable knowledge and superior products, ASR offers a solution to all of your exterior problems, providing consistent and beautiful results with quality and customer satisfaction as our main objective.

Our crews stucco technicians that have completed advanced projects in all facets of the stucco industry.  We have also remedied numerous building envelope failures and maintain moisture control experts on staff to ensure the best practices are applied. As a homeowner, you can have peace of mind that your home will be protected from further moisture penetration and restored to above industry standards.

Our philosophy is to offer much more than just stucco painting.  Our approach is designed to remedy all of your home’s exterior issues and restore your stucco to an exterior you’ve not only always wanted, but something you can be proud of knowing it was restored to a higher standard.

Most projects are fully completed within two-three days with little or no interruption to your day to day life.  We pride ourselves in minimizing the impact on your property while maintain a safe and productive job site.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality exterior in a quick manner, that lets you get back to enjoying the new look of your home.
One thing that you can be sure of is a quality product that is designed to last.  Your newly restored exterior is not only designed to look great, but restored to last.  By using the best stucco coatings on the market, designed to work seamlessly with your existing stucco, along with the best building practices.  We are happy to offer a five year warranty on all of our projects. We believe the best products truly do give both sides peace of mind.
ASR is a division of Out-West Stucco ltd. A company relied upon for over a decade to Calgary’s top home builders, renovators and commercial contractors.  We have years of experience that you can count on to make the right choices to repair and restore your homes exterior. Having seen it all in the stucco business, we offer you our knowledge to make it right.

Calgary Stucco Experts

Stucco was first used back in Roman times, although it took a long time to become popular in the United States and Canada.  It was made from marble dust and glue then, but now it is mainly sand, cement, and lime. It can be left just the way that it was applied, or turned into stunning designs.  When applied to the side of a building it will give added strength as well as an improved appearance.

There are many reasons why stucco is a great addition to a property. It does not cost a great deal, and a professional stucco contractor will be able to give a great application. It is possible to apply it to a variety of items, and takes colour incredibly well. It can be applied so that it is totally smooth, and can also be applied with a design.

Regardless of the weather, stucco contractors are able to use it and not worry that the product will be a problem over time. It is easy to apply, and while there was nothing wrong with the old method of applying it over mesh, more recently it is being put straight onto concrete or even over existing stucco.

Stucco application is easy and can be put on either with a spray or by using a trowel. It is so adaptable that the colour can be added before it is applied to the wall, or after it has been applied and allowed to set. Despite the fact that it is porous, it also dries quickly, and will shrink and grow as the weather conditions require. It can also work to combat fire and once applied, does not need a lot in the way of maintenance. Stains that are prone to appear can just be hosed away.

Considering it can last for around 50 years, it is understandable that it is the siding of choice for many homeowners. There has now been a synthetic version produced, and the additional advantage is that it manages to provide more in the way of insulation.

When deciding what siding to choose, a stucco contractor is bound to point out the very competitive price, with some of the lower grade ones starting at just $6 a square foot. This is the perfect product to use for those in Calgary, AB, and a stucco contractor will be able to provide the exact price it will cost to renovate any property.